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More time growing your brand, less time worrying about your website.

Get the ongoing WordPress hosting and support you need to help keep your online business up and running daily.

Your worst nightmare is when the main place people go to find your business (a.k.a. your website) BREAKS, and you need help fixing it.

...Your ad money is going down the drain.

...All your organic traffic comes to a halt.

...Every visitor is getting super frustrated.

You start sweating and pacing and maybe swearing a little.

If you don't have tech support on your team or the skills to fix it yourself...

What do you do?

Make no mistake: having your site on WordPress is the best decision because of its flexibility, scalability, and ability to get found on search engines way better than other solutions.

But WordPress is also a platform that needs ongoing upgrades and monitoring to protect your website from malicious activity.

The trade-off is worth it, but only IF you have a dependable WordPress hosting and support plan.

Because a website that has outdated plugins or themes is risky for your customers and your business.

So what do we do to prevent your site from errors and downtime?

After working diligently to secure WordPress sites and manage web hosting for hundreds of business owners for over 18 years, we created a managed WordPress Hosting & Support solution for you:


Worry-free WordPress Hosting & Support

With Site Spark, you don't have to worry about backups, upgrades, monitoring, or technical support for your WordPress website.

We do that all for you behind the scenes while we sip our coffee and tea around the clock.

Here's exactly what you get for one WordPress site:

✅ - Daily off-site backups of the website

✅ - Ongoing version updates to WordPress core, theme, and plugins

✅ - CDN installed to accelerate your website's performance

✅ - Firewall installed to prevent potential threats

✅ - 24/7 security scanning and removal of vulnerabilities

✅ - 24/7 uptime monitoring

✅ - Database cleaning to remove spam

✅ - Professional, friendly support

Plus, these BONUSES!

✅ - Free web hosting plan (on a secure server)

✅ - Free SSL certificate (padlock status)

✅ - Free website migration from current host to us

✅ - Free domain registration (gTLDs) for 1 domain name

Let us assure you that your WordPress website is always available (error-free).

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